Biom (ascending) for room 2.17

For Parallel Vienna ’20, both works: Biom (ascending) and Biom (accessus) II were used as an integral part of a room-sculpture which could be accessed by the viewer.

“… A white box built-to-measure for a 2 meter high painting, constructed in perspective with its narrower side covered by the artwork Biom (ascending) and a bench on the opposite side to sit and soak it all in, opens up and creates an intimate space where you find yourself in a face to face encounter. Almost intimidating for it’s brightness, no right angles and ramp-like white floor, the hesitation of the visitors on how to behave and/or react becomes almost part of the artwork itself. …”

Quote: Daniel Castells, from Georgia Creimer, Biom (ascending) for room 2.17 I PARALLEL Vienna

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