Biome (incorporado)

Series of works 2015–2017

These works originated on occasion of the exhibition „georgia creimer  incorporado“. For more information about the exhibition, pleaseclick here.

“…The basis of her Biome are so-called “half-blind drawings,” for which the artist draws lines on a sheet of paper with closed eyes. Creimer then intuitively chooses forms from the resulting graphic mesh, which she proceeds to manipulate, in some instances on the computer, to create a basis for larger-scale painterly pieces. These drawing are partly left to chance and partly created from an unconscious state. They appear as hybrids: organic, carnal, amorphous, and also conceptual in origin. They are her answer to the écriture automatique of Surrealism and, in terms of the artist’s handling of artistic techniques, bespeak a state before all media. …”

Quote: Patricia Grzonka, in “Toward a Sphere of Instability. Artistic Processes in Georgia Creimer’s Work”, catalog “georgia creimer  incorporado”

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