Celular / Cells

“…In the oeuvre of Georgia Creimer these curious and difficult to define rounded oval shapes have their origins in a series of works completed in 1999 where the artist engages with endless processes. Two objects were produced in this context that were covered with a black-and-white cell structure: Creimer understood these works, entitled Sisyphus, as Sisyphean in a metaphorical sense, i.e. as having the potential to be never-ending. With the allusion to the possibility of an endless succession of these shapes there is an analogy to natural processes of evolving shapes, to biological cells and self-generating structures, to which the artistic process of generating form has been adapted here. A painting was developed from these works, Zelle (Cell)…”

Quote: Patricia Grzonka in „Georgia Creimer: Psychgenics“ , catalog “artoffice under construction”