Solo exhibition / Academy of Fine Arts in Vienna (former Semperdepot)
April 2017 / Within the frame of „wir zeigen“

“… In Georgia Creimer’s hands, the tapered exhibition space of the former Semperdepot  with its impressive 830 square meters and three rows of columns with seven cast-iron support beams is transformed into a walk-in whale’s belly. Dark, secluded, and perplexingly indistinct in its dimensions, the vertebrae-like carrying structure features fourteen organic image textures that gape into a deeply buried interior world: Creimer’s Biome (Biomes) grow from a suspended white, seemingly phosphorescent screen like grayish-black organisms. …”

Quote: Katrin Bucher Trantow, in “Res Naturae … Just Say the Magic Word”, catalog “georgia creimer  incorporado”

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