„... In the three partial aspects of Martin Bubers „I-You-Relationship“, language assumes different meaning, thus: alongside the most (ponderous) human relationships through language, a sublingual „living with nature“ as well as „living silently with spiritual essentialities“ also exist. In fact, it is the latter that seems to me of prime consequence in „ICHDU“, a work that consists of hand-written repetitions of the words ICHDUICHDU on the wall. Here, the linear system of writing is contrasted to abstract photography and circular formations. It is a world of its own that, while containing a dialogical concept, thematises in its non-representational images the idea of dissolution in the transition between frontiers...“

Susanne Neuburger, in „I and You“, catalog Georgia Creimer „ Ich bin es, Ich bin es wirklich!“, 1999

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